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2020.10.30 12:03 remote-enthusiast 55 remote jobs - (non)tech

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.10.29 16:52 SporcleHR HEY PORTLAND OREGON (Hillsboro)! Make $50-$70/night hosting TRIVIA for Sporcle!

So, you're outgoing, maybe a performer, and you LOVE knowledge and trivia? Then this is the opportunity for you because, at Sporcle, we believe that knowledge is fun for everyone. With over 800 weekly trivia events across 27 states, and growing, we want to invite you to become the next great host to help us launch into the future of the best live bar trivia around.
What do you get from hosting Sporcle Trivia?
A chance to collaborate with a community of people who share a passion for learning, a perfect reason to get out of the house, opportunities to build exciting new friendships, and of course, MONEY.
That's right! We're going to pay you to rock the microphone and stimulate an audience for the best diversion they've had since their Monday morning coffee. You'll be compensated $50-$70 (depending upon event attendance) to wow the world 2 hours at a time.
So, what are the expectations? Pretty simple.
Show up prepared with the audio equipment and trivia questions that Sporcle provides you, along with an attitude that captivates an audience. You're going to build memorable connections with your audience, and pump out the best playlist that will have the game participants tapping their feet while you deliver the questions. Prior to your debut, Sporcle will provide you paid virtual workshop training with our professional team that consists of learning how to operate audio equipment, tips regarding public speaking, marketing/promoting your event, and insight on how to best deliver the game effectively.
Sporcle provides technology to ensure the safety of our employees and have a contactless experience at the bar or restaurant. All participants submit answers using a digital scoring application on their phone. Furthermore, all Sporcle partnered locations have agreed to adhere to safety restrictions and expectations communicated by the state as well as requested by Sporcle.
Hear it from one of our top hosts of over 6 years:
"I've made new friends and learned a lot about how to multitask, problem-solve, and be a better communicator and entertainer. It sounded like a great opportunity to make some extra money, and it was so much fun that I'm still doing it many years later!"
Baibi - Minneapolis, MN Hosting since 2014
To apply and find more information about this wonderful opportunity, please visit sporclelive.com/employment>Apply](http://www.sporclelive.com/employment](http://www.sporclelive.com/employment)>Apply))
Must be 21 or older. Reliable transportation is a must and you will need to provide your own laptop. All other equipment, materials, training is provided by Sporcle. This opportunity helps develop a skill set that may be applied to many industries including marketing, and radio & television.
Compensation: $50-$70 (based on event attendance) per event (3-hour commitment)
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2020.10.28 22:14 BlancheFromage "Soka Gakkai In America": Researchers' conclusions about SGI-USA's age problem, or why SGI-USA is panicking about YOUFF

This is from "Soka Gakkai In America: Accommodation and Conversion" by Phillip Hammond and David Machacek, 1999, from research conducted in 1997. By this time, the excommunication of the Soka Gakkai and SGI memberships was finalized or close to it; the "We Hate Those Lousy Priests" movement, aka "Soka Spirit", had begun in 1991.
SGI-USA members are somewhat older than the US population (Table 4). The median age of Soka Gakkai members is 45 years, compared to the median age of 42 for respondents to the General Social Survey. This difference reflects the concentration of Baby Boomers among SGI-USA members. Respondents to our SGI-USA membership survey are 1 1/2 times more likely than the American public to be in the cohort born between 1946 and 1962. They are less likely to be in either the older or younger birth cohorts. The concentration of Baby Boomers might be accounted for by the timing of SGI's entry into the American religious market were it not for the relatively meager showing of the post-boom cohort. If timing alone were the issue, we would expect members of this younger cohort, popularly referred to as "Generation X," to be represented at least in proportion to their size in the American population.

They are not.

The post-boom cohort comprises 30 percent of respondents to the 1996 General Social Survey, but only 16 percent of all Soka Gakkai members, and only 14 percent of SGI converts. If this pattern holds, SGI-USA members will, in coming years, have a median age even older than at present.
And now 23 years on, that is exactly what has happened - those "old-ass motherfuckers" have only gotten older. Look at any group SGI photo (as here, here, here, here, or here) and think about your first impression of the average age of that group.
The age distribution of SGI-USA members is largely accounted for by a known relationship between religious behavior and the life cycle. That is, people are most likely to convert to a new religion when they are young and relatively free of existing social obligations such as careers and families. Referring once again to the subscription rates of Figure 1 as an indicator of the growth pattern of SGI-USA, two major periods of recruitment and growth appear -- from 1964 through 1974, and again from 1982 to 1990. The dates when respondents to the 1997 SGI-USA Membership Survey first began chanting reflect this pattern (far right column of Table 5). The oldest members of the Baby Boom cohort would have been graduating from high school and entering college (and therefore entering the period in the life cycle when they were most likely to have the freedom to experiment with religion) at the beginning of the first major period of SGI growth. Note that the proportion of Boomers among new recruits to SGI-USA triples from 22 percent prior to 1964 to 66 percent from 1964 to 1975 -- the Boomers' early adult years. Growth slows from 1976 to 1981, when the Boomers were most likely to be getting married and entering full-time occupations and therefore less free to move around in the social world.
The second major period of growth, from 1982 to 1990, reflects the time when the younger cohort were just beginning to enter college, and therefore most likely to be available for recruitment. After 1982, the proportion of new converts who fall into the younger birth cohort is roughly the equivalent of their representation in the US population. It can be concluded, therefore, that the age characteristics of SIG-USA members are partially a function of life cycle patterns in the American public, and it can be expected that, over time, any SGI-USA growth will come increasingly from the Generation X and later birth cohorts.
Except that it hasn't O_O
Even so, the baby Boomers remain over-represented among the most recent recruits, suggesting that the unique countercultural experiences of the Boomer generation are also involved. Indeed, Machacek has shown that Generation X is somewhat more traditional in their religious outlook and behavior in their early adult years than were the Boomers. Where religion and lifestyle are concerned, the Boomer cohort, it seems, was more experimental than those both older and younger, and thus more likely to get involved in an alternative religion. One inference, of course, is that only if another age group comes along experiencing something of what the Baby Boom experienced will SGI-USA once again find candidates especially ripe for recruitment. By no means does this bode disaster,
...though it may...
but it does suggest the likelihood of steadier, smaller rates of recruitment.
What our intrepid researchers didn't learn is what SGI-USA national spokesperson Bill Aiken disclosed in 1999: that there were an average of 1000 new members each year between 1991 and 1999? When the population of the US increased during that same period by 26 million O_O
The fly in the ointment, the spanner in the works here, is that SGI-USA has not remained constant in its self-definition - its teachings, its doctrines, its goals - over time. Our experiences and observations show that SGI-USA has become much LESS attractive and appealing to people all over the world as the SGI's single-minded focus on Daisaku Ikeda has become more and more obsessive.
The countercultural orientation of SGI-USA converts is evidenced by the marital status of members. Compared with the American public, converts to SGI-USA are less likely to be married, though the margin decreases if we add the number who replied that they are currently unmarried by living with a long-term partner (Table 4). The roughly 8 percent of SGI-USA members who indicated that they are currently living with a domestic partner includes both heterosexual couples who have not married, and a number of people who volunteered that they are currently in a same-sex relationship. Furthermore, converts to SGI-USA, compared with the American public, are almost twice as likely to indicate that they have been through a divorce (though we have no way of knowing whether the divorce occurred before or after joining SGI-USA).
While that would, of course, be interesting to know, the fact remains that the higher-than-average divorce rates for SGI-USA members indicate that these are less socially-adept people who have a harder time making an intimate relationship work.
Note that this 2013 study's findings show this situation has not improved - SGI-USA members still have much higher rates of having been divorced and not living with an intimate partner than average for US society. Notice the 16-year difference between studies - nearly a generation. SGI-USA members are still doing worse than average. In 1997, the average of SGI-USA converts who had been divorced was 44%; the average for the US was 24%. In 2013, the average for SGI-USA converts was, again, 44%, but the average for the US population at large had dropped to 23%.
Fully 69% were, at the time they first encountered SGI-USA, neither married nor living with a partner. 2013 study
It looks like the total for the 1997 study, adding up the "Divorced, separated; Widowed", and "Single, other" categories is 54%; this proportion has risen to 69% in just 13 years. Studies consistently show higher levels of life satisfaction among those who are married, so you can draw your own conclusions about the "diamond-like state of unshakable happiness" being enjoyed by these solitary SGI-USA members.
At the time of its founding, SGI-USA was overwhelmingly composed of Asian women. Today, women remain in the majority by a margin of 2:1.
This is a huge problem for SGI-USA's future, as children typically follow their fathers' example with regard to religious observance, not their mothers'.
Indeed, when we asked respondents what originally attracted them to SGI, several of the men quipped, "the beautiful women." This fact notwithstanding, religious intermarriage no longer seems to be a primary means of conversion to SGI-USA. Only five percent of the converts in our sample indicated that they were first introduced to SGI by their present or future spouses. Indeed, as we shall see later, marriage and family life is not a priority for many members of SGI-USA. (pp. 45-49)
WOW! What a dark and foreboding note to end this section on!! Since any religion's best source of new members is its own members' children, this is a dire observation on SGI-USA's future chances.
One of the things I like about these researchers is that they regard joining SGI-USA as a form of experimentation with a new religion, not the "lifetime commitment" SGI wants it to be.
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2020.10.28 00:02 autotldr America's protest crackdown: five months after George Floyd, hundreds face trials and prison

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 92%. (I'm a bot)
Since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, millions of Americans have marched in cities big and small to protests racial violence and police brutality.
More than five months since the start of the unrest, hundreds of these protesters have been slapped with serious charges by federal and local prosecutors, according to researchers and a review of court data.
Although some district attorneys have declined to prosecute protest cases brought to them by municipal police departments, other local prosecutors' offices have repeatedly partnered with police to bring charges.
Her protest charges have since been dropped, which means she is no longer threatened with deportation, and her ankle monitor was removed.
Once the protest was over officers surrounded Arata and took her to jail, she said, accusing her of multiple felonies including "False imprisonment"and conspiracy.
The crackdown has had a chilling effect on others in San Luis Obispo who are now scared to protest, Arata said.
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2020.10.25 00:40 JacobMoreySound Mixed Use Zoning for Basement House Venue (MN)

I'm planning on opening a music venue in the style of a DIY house venue, but meeting all legal regulations so we can book larger gigs, publicly advertise our address, not worry (as much) about police, etc. Hoping for some zoning advice.
We're currently looking at something like this multifamily home, the listing's showing "Zoning: Residential-Multi-Family, Business/Commercial". The basement would have music events, with community events (painting, adulting, and activist workshops) in the first floor common area. The second unit will have long term residents who're likely working in the venue, and the third story as an Airbnb where the touring bands could stay for no charge.
The first story living space/kitchen is meant to be used as a community area where presenters can host workshops as part of a cooperative non-profit. Members will pay a set monthly rate, receive discounted concert tickets and free access to the community events. Anyone living here is automatically included.
Parking: We're planning on partnering with a neighboring retailer, somewhere that would be closing around when doors open for shows. We will pay for towing costs and make sure the lot is cleared in the morning, along with splitting snow plowing fees.
Fire code: We'd install a sprinkler system and a separate entrance to the basement, along with moving laundry to the first story if necessary. A 1,050 sqft dance floor (not incl. bathroom and stage) can have 150 people as per the MN State Fire Marshal. We would also use basement underpinning to increase ceiling height.
Unlike a typical basement house venue, we will have a raised stage, properly rigged PA and lighting system, and book gigs through legit booking agencies.
We plan to file as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit so we would be allowed to still publicly support specific political candidates. We would all take small wages and put the rest of the profits towards supporting the community - focusing on affordable housing and employment opportunities, especially for queer persons and POC who have been disproportionately affected by homelessness and poverty.
TL;DR - Any advice for opening a music venue in the basement of a multi family home would be greatly appreciated.
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2020.10.24 23:11 jarz_ Minnesota Partners !!!!!!

I’m currently an SSV in SoCal and I am moving to MN by April/May 2021. My SO and I have decided to find a place in good distance of a store for me. We have our hearts set on the Minneapolis / Southeastern side of MN. If there are any partners who work in a store in those areas that could help me with a few questions. I’d appreciate it so much 😭🙏🏼
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2020.10.24 16:22 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Boogalooters And Rioters by Sarah Lazarus and Crooked Media (10/23/20)

"I know more about wind than you do." - Donald Trump, who honestly might be right

The Mute Of All Evil

In his final debate appearance, Donald Trump lied his face off about the pandemic, spoke fondly of family separations, and wandered out into the furthest reaches of the Fox News conspiracy universe, but he didn’t interrupt as much, so let’s call it a tie.
Thanks to a combination of skillful moderation by Kristen Welker and new mute rules to accommodate our large, infantile president, Thursday’s debate was not the unmitigated shitshow we endured in September.
We have now made it through all 15 (!) debates of the 2020 presidential election cycle, and if we play our cards right, we could be in the last New Tone news cycle we’ll ever have to roll our eyes at. Take a deep breath, commit to volunteer shifts this weekend, and let’s run through the tape. 11 days.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

You’re voting, you’re volunteering, you’re going above and beyond. You deserve a discount. Now through October 30th, all Vote Save America T-shirts are 20% off at the Crooked Store. Grab one and suit up for the big day → https://crooked.com/store

Under The Radar

A Boogaloo Bois member was responsible for burning and shooting up a Minnesota police precinct during May protests following the police killing of George Floyd, according to federal prosecutors. Ivan Harrison Hunter, a 26-year-old who traveled from Texas, allegedly opened fire on Minneapolis Police Third Precinct with an AK-47-style rifle, and screamed “Justice for Floyd” as he ran away. Hunter also looted and helped set the building on fire, and texted with fellow Boogaloo member (and charged murder suspect) Steven Carrillo a few hours later. Republican leaders (including the president) and the right-wing media repeatedly used rioting in Minneapolis to discount Black Lives Matter protests and drum up fear around Antifa; now that it’s been exposed as the work of far-right extremists using the protests as cover, we look forward to a solemn mea culpa from Tucker Carlson any minute now.

What Else?

The Trump administration shut down a vaccine-safety office last year, which should be no big deal unless anybody’s in a huge rush for a safe vaccine at the moment.
Hold onto your butts: Donald Trump is not the devoted philanthropist he claims to be. Trump’s tax records reveal that the lion’s share of his charitable tax deductions came from agreeing not to develop land—donations he may have inflated for a bigger tax break, according to the New York attorney general.
A 19-year-old with a van full of guns plotted to assassinate Joe Biden, according to federal authorities.
Protesters in Waukegan, IL, are calling for a federal investigation into the police killing of Marcellis Stinnette, a 19-year-old Black man who was fatally shot earlier this week.
GOP House candidate Madison Cawthorn created a racist attack website in which he accused a journalist of going “to work for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office.”
The Trump campaign has been videotaping voters as they drop off ballots in Philadelphia, which likely amounts to illegal voter intimidation.
The Trump campaign has also, along with Nevada Republicans, filed a lawsuit to block Nevada election officials from counting early votes in the state’s largest and most Democratic-leaning county. A coincidence, to be sure.
A California appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that Uber and Lyft must treat drivers as employees. That decision raises the stakes of Prop. 22, the ballot measure that seeks to keep drivers classified as contractors, which gig companies have spent a record-breaking $185 million to support, in order to avoid paying out employment benefits and covering drivers’ expenses. (Uber is now also facing a class-action lawsuit for coercing its drivers to support the measure.)
While announcing a peace deal between Israel and Sudan, President Trump tried to get Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to disparage “Sleepy Joe,” but Bibi has seen some polls: “Uh, well, Mr. President, one thing I can tell you is we appreciate the help for peace from anyone in America.”
Mitch McConnell is, um, changing color?
A NASA spacecraft picked up too much asteroid rubble and got jammed open and now it’s leaking precious rubble bits all over space. We have all been there with popcorn, and wish this struggling spacecraft the best.
If your WiFi is currently working, welcome to the Deep State.

Be Smarter

The news side of the Wall Street Journal found no evidence that Joe Biden played any role in Hunter’s business dealings in China, after the opinion page hyped the story. Former Hunter Biden business associate and unseen debate guest Tony Bobulinksi made some (honestly very confusing) allegations that Joe Biden knew details about a failed Chinese investment venture he pursued with Hunter Biden, while Joe Biden was a private citizen. The opinion side of the Journal spent much of Thursday trying to make the story into a Thing, only to be debunked hours later by the paper’s actual reporters—the latest dispute in a long-standing feud between the opinion section and newsroom. President Trump never even mentioned Borbaloney during the debate, so go ahead and throw this one on the Failed October Surprise pile.

What A Sponsor

Two weeks. That's all we have left until the most consequential Election Day in America's history. And it's the most dangerous time in the 2020 election season because we know that many politicians will stop at nothing to hold on to power – including doing everything they can in these final weeks to callously suppress the vote and force voters to choose between their health and their fundamental right to cast a ballot.
The ACLU has been at the forefront of pushing back against discriminatory voter suppression tactics, but in these final weeks we're all going to have to dig a little deeper to keep up the fight to protect our voting rights and our safety in this crucial election. The stakes could not be higher. Combating voter suppression is an all-hands-on-deck fight – we cannot do this critical work, or any work to defend civil liberties, without action-takers like you with us. Click here to add your name and help ACLU teams across the country as we kick our fight against voter suppression into high gear. Visit the ACLU website to get started today.

Is That Hope I Feel?

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that mail-in ballots in the state can’t be rejected because of signature comparisons.
A federal judge has thrown out the Trump campaign’s lawsuit against New Jersey over its mostly mail-in election.
South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Jaime Harrison raised another $22 million in the first two weeks of October, and Lou Dobbs is out here telling people not to vote for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).
Jennifer Aniston posted a photo of herself voting and urged her followers not to vote for Kanye West, which is both a fascinating fan overap to consider and an energy we can get behind.


𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐈𝐗 on Twitter: "my wiife loves when i do borat"
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2020.10.23 21:03 portlane Kenneth Evenstad (July 9, 1943 - Oct. 21, 2020)

Kenneth L. Evenstad
July 9, 1943 - Oct. 21, 2020
Kenneth L. Evenstad, founder of Upsher-Smith Laboratories and co-founder of Domaine Serene Vineyards & Winery, died at his home in Oregon, Oct. 21, 2020, having fought chronic pulmonary issues for the past five years. He was 77 years of age.
Ken was born July 9, 1943 in Baudette, Minn., a tiny town on the Canadian border. Though of meager means, his mother continually encouraged him to "be whatever he wanted to be." He fully believed in and personified the American Dream. Convinced by the local Pharmacist that he was "College worthy," he put himself through school, earning his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota in 1967. In April of the previous year he met the love of his life, Grace, on a blind date. They were married seven months later and have been partners in life, business, and philanthropy ever since.
Ken's interest in chemistry and Pharmacy drove him to revive an aged Company in the Minneapolis area, Upsher-Smith, in 1969. Scraping together all of their savings, he bought the company for $1,500. In the following 30 years he bootstrapped, led, and managed the fledgling company into a successful generic pharmaceutical business. Over the next 20 years he was Chairman of Upsher-Smith Laboratories partnering with his son, Mark as CEO. Innovative thinking, dedication to success, extraordinary ethics and long-term vision created over $1.5 billion in value. Ken was the inventor of numerous innovations and was awarded scores of patents for lifesaving drugs helping millions while creating thousands of high paying American jobs. Ken was recognized by Ernst & Young as their Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001. In 2012, Ken was awarded the University of Minnesota's "Outstanding Achievement Award," the highest award given to a graduate.
Ken and Grace's interest in wine began in the mid 1970's. Their passion for Pinot Noir and their adventurous spirit and confidence in their vision drove them to purchase 42 acres of land in the Dundee Hills of Oregon, to be planted to Pinot Noir, establishing Domaine Serene in 1989. Their mission was to make the best Pinot Noir in the world, and they became pioneers of the luxury Oregon wine industry. Starting from the humble beginnings of making their first wine in 1990 in an old abandoned electric plant in McMinnville, Ore., in 2000 they bought additional property in the Dundee Hills and built a state-of-the-art, 5-level gravity flow winery. The Winery Hill property has since expanded to include another facility for white wine and sparkling production, as well as a magnificent tasting "Clubhouse" to welcome visitors. Domaine Serene's land has now grown to over 1,000 acres from its original 42, including 300 planted to vine, producing 37 different Domaine Serene wines.
In 2015, Ken and Grace became the first Oregon vintners to purchase property and produce wines in Burgundy, France, with the acquisition of Château de la Crée, the venerable 15th century Domaine located in Burgundy's Côte d'Or.
Ken's vision was first achieved with the award of "Best Pinot Noir" with the 2010 vintage by Wine Spectator. Followed by Decanter magazine ranking Domaine Serene "Best in Show" and "Best Pinot Noir" with the 2012 vintage and the 2016 vintage. In 2020, Decanter awarded Domaine Serene "Best in Show," and wines made under Ken and Grace in both Oregon and Burgundy received an additional 22 medals, making Domaine Serene the most awarded winery in the world. In 2018, Ken and Grace were awarded the wine industry's highest honor, the "Distinguished Service Award" by Wine Spectator for their numerous pioneering contributions to the global wine industry.
Ken leaves his wife of 53 years and true partner in everything, Grace; daughter, Serene; son, Mark; and six grandchildren, Miles, Henry, Sophie, Grace, Gunnar and Tor. He is also survived by brother, Glenn (Suzie); sister, Arlene (Bud); 10 nieces and nephews; and hundreds of friends.
Ken and Grace and their family also share a generous philosophy regarding philanthropic giving. Primarily supporting at risk children, early childhood through college education, most recently Linfield University in McMinnville, Oregon to endow The Evenstad Center for Wine Education, enabling America's first multi-disciplinary undergraduate degree in wine studies. Since 2001, they have spent their winter months in Naples, Fla., with close friends and have been actively involved as Lifetime Trustees of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, the Naples Botanical Garden and Trinity-by-the-Cove church.
Ken, a devoted husband, father and grandfather will be remembered by all for his trust in the goodness of people, his generous spirit and laugh that could fill a room of any size. He will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved him. As he stated just a few weeks ago "I've seen and done everything I've wanted to do, as I've wanted...and I have no regrets."
Contributions in Ken's memory may be made to ¡SALUD! c/o Tuality Healthcare Foundation.
Please sign the online guest book at www.oregonlive.com/obits
source: http://obits.oregonlive.com/obituaries/oregon/obituary.aspx?n=kenneth-l-evenstad&pid=196988546
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2020.10.23 17:57 kjonesatjaagnet Rise of remote working entices startups to flee big tech hubs

Rise of remote working entices startups to flee big tech hubs

Image: Amogh Manjunath - Unsplash
Mehran Ebadolahi has dedicated the last 11 years to building an edtech startup in Los Angeles. But now the Harvard-educated attorney is planning to join an exodus of entrepreneurs leaving expensive startup hubs in hopes of maximizing savings for their companies by moving elsewhere.
Ebadolahi, co-founder and CEO of TestMax, which offers test preparation for the GRE, LSAT and other exams, has opted to set up a new headquarters for his company in Tempe, Ariz. Compared to Los Angeles, he said he pays significantly less to lease space, saving about $4,000 a month.
"We want to have a headquarters and be able to engage with our team in person," Ebadolahi said, "The real epiphany is, why does that have to be in Los Angeles?"
Since pandemic lockdown measures took effect seven months ago, some early-stage startup founders have shifted parts of their businesses away from startup hubs like San Francisco and New York, where operating costs for their budding companies are much higher.
An increase in remote hiring has also made the decision to leave easier than ever.
Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, a research and consulting firm for employers, said companies are dramatically reducing their downtown space or setting up in regional hubs, with the understanding that a big portion of their workforce will be remote in the future.
Nearly 70% of full-time workers in the US are working from home during the pandemic, according to a recent survey conducted by Owl Labs and Global Workplace Analytics that featured responses from over 2,000 full-time employees between the ages of 21 and 65. And one in two respondents said they won't return to jobs that don't offer remote work after the pandemic.
"Hiring remote talent is not only cost effective, it also allows for a greater diversity and inclusion, which has been shown to increase innovation," said Lister.
Lister said founders and investors are learning that while virtual meetings may not have all the same benefits of being face-to-face, the savings can frequently outweigh the costs.
The ability to recruit remote engineers was the catalyst for Ebadolahi to move his company from Los Angeles to Arizona. Over the past few months, he has hired 14 remote employees based in states like Tennessee and Ohio,.
Like many founders during the pandemic, Ebadolahi has also been trying to raise more capital remotely. While some companies have had fundraising success, certain investors don't think the trend will last.
Adam Struck, founder of Struck Capital, a seed-stage venture capital firm based near Los Angeles, said that if founders are considering moving out of Los Angeles because they believe dealmaking and investor check-ins via Zoom are going to be the new normal in the long-term, they are probably wrong.
"If early-stage founders feel VC ecosystems such as Los Angeles have nothing left to offer, they might get hurt from over-indexing the current situation," he said.
But not all VCs feel the same way.
"The coronavirus pandemic has taken geography out of the VC dealmaking equation," said Cathy Connett, CEO and managing partner of Minneapolis-based Sofia Fund, which invests in women-led businesses primarily in the US Midwest.
Connett said entrepreneurs have been moving to Twin Cities neighborhoods in the past few years to improve their quality of life. The pandemic has only accelerated the trend, as early-stage founders continue to realize that in-person networking is not an integral part of the dealmaking process anymore, and relocating may not necessarily mean a compromise on founders' ability to get VC funding.
The startup exodus also seems to be an offshoot of a larger migratory trend that's taking place across the country. From April to August of this year, New York and the San Francisco Bay Area saw net arrival declines of more than 20% year-over-year, according to LinkedIn data.
Not all founders are entirely turning their back on established VC hubs, however.
Though she's not fully ready to move her company away from its New York headquarters, Heidi Lehmann, co-founder of Kenzen, the developer of a health analytics platform for industrial workers, has spent the past few months exploring options for her company in Kansas City.
"I may even be giving up my apartment for a bit in New York and spend the majority of my time to focus on building out the Kansas City team," said Lehmann. "I would not do that if I did not see potential for the company there."
Originally published by Priyamvada Mathur October 23, 2020 Pitchbook
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2020.10.22 21:12 ArchiveSlave Commander's Rounds Entry 5: Lexington Squared

Entry 5: Lexington Squared [skk/Lexi/Sara/Oklahoma/Other]
(All entries in this series can be found here.)
This time, the commander actually was on inspection.
He was standing out by the harbor and watching one of his projects take shape- a vast upgrade of the port's defenses and detection equipment. The research that had allowed them to bring ships like Friedrich, Monarch, and Neptune into being had also reaped great dividends in improving the other armaments and technology of the fleet, and he planned to make use of it as much as possible. He was going to be caught unawares by his enemies. After all, that privilege was reserved exclusively for his friends.
And if he hadn't been so focused on the construction, he might've noticed he was being approached by something... Pink.
In fact, he was unaware until the interloper draped her arms over his shoulders. "Guess who, commander~"
He went through the possibilities. The clothing was too different from Atago, and she was too tall to be Saratoga, and Enterprise was definitely not this playful. And like this, he quickly went down the line. "Hello, Lexington."
She released him with a giggle, and came around him to where she could be seen. "Mmm. Glad you haven't forgotten me, now that you're famous."
While Lexington was not the merry prankster that her sister was, she still had a playful side that allowed her to come up with things like that. While he was largely unknown outside of his command in comparison to his much more vibrant subordinates, Lexington herself had herself a nice side hustle as an independent idol with her own following. It helped that her stage persona and her real self were largely one and the same, as she liked being big sister to everyone when she could get away with it- and people tended to let her get away with it.
"I won't forget the people who helped me get here, obviously. And I'm not going to call them 'little' people, either. Not even the destroyers."
She giggled. "Even commander can't make it without each of his fans, after all."
"Well, I guess you can see it that way-"
Someone was tugging on his uniform.
Tug. Tug.
He looked over to see who was getting his attention- it was Cygnet. She was a good girl, but the destroyer was mainly known for her uniform having some of the hardest-working buttons in the fleet. "Commander...? I have a diplomacy question."
Lexington smiled. "Don't worry commander, I'll let you do your job~"
He blinked. "Diplomacy...?" That seemed a bit higher-level than what Cygnet usually thought about. "Well, what about?"
She needed a moment to collect her thoughts. "Well... One of the Sakura destroyers invited me to a tea party. And I know it's probably different than Illustrious's kind, so..."
He finished her thought. "You have worries."
She continued. "Yeah... Like, what if I say the wrong thing, or eat too much and look like a slob? What do I do, commander?"
The different Sakura ships had different temperaments, so there was one truly important question. "Who invited you again?"
"It was Ooshio."
The commander knew exactly what that meant. If Ooshio is involved, she probably wants to hand-feed Cygnet herself. But you can't exactly put it like that. "Well, if it's Ooshio, there's nothing to worry about. She probably invited you because she likes you for you."
She calmed down briefly. "Really...?"
"Yeah, she probably thinks you're cute."
"Uwah!" She squeaked, and turned bright red. She took sharp, hard breaths before regaining some part of her shaky composure. "S-So... It'll be fine?"
The commander considered how to proceed. "It's nothing to worry about. If you're still nervous about your regular outfit, though, you can always wear the thing your sisters gave you for that New Year's Festival. You found that comfortable, didn't you?"
Cygnet smiled, and gave a nod. Most of the outfits given to Cygnet from other parties were more intended to be gifts to the giver rather than the wearer. "Yes...! Thank you, commander." And then she left.
Lexington giggled. "Looks like you're quite dependable."
The commander looked back to her. "I don't think a commander who doesn't take responsibility is worthy of the title."
The pink-haired idol gave him her winning smile. "Still, when you came here, you looked a bit like a helpless little brother."
"Can't deny I was helpless, but you probably weren't the first to want to be my big sister when I showed up."
Lexington smiled. "Either way, I can still be your big sister, if you'd like- even though you have quite a few by this point, I'd bet."
He nodded. It was true, but he didn't mind being taken care of, either. And more to the point, doting on him or others was a way that some ships chose to de-stress, so laying down and letting a motherly, or at least kindly ship lay him in her lap and clean his ears was good for the health of the fleet. And that's a sentence he thought he'd never have to think when he was learning to be a naval officer.
"I'd say it's merely a matter of what you'd like, Lexington."
She seemed pleased with this answer, but said nothing. Not that she'd have a chance, as Saratoga was running towards them, in a genuine panic. "Lexi! And also commander!" She stopped, and took a breather. "I knew it! I knew I wasn't seeing things!"
The commander went business. "Saratoga, what's the problem."
"Commander, I was in one of the warehouses doing, er... stuff." The commander would have to investigate that more completely. "And I saw Lexi walking around all confused!"
Lexington blinked. "I don't go to the warehouses- I was in the dorms, and was just here with commander."
Saratoga's panic didn't recede. "I know what I saw... And I called out to her, but she just looked at me! But she was different, too, Lexi! She was you, but she wasn't you!"
Lexington nodded, and pulled her little sister into a hug. "Commander, I don't think this is a prank- she's honestly scared."
Saratoga quivered. "And, I told Hunter about it, and she said in the Royal Isles, they call it a Fetch, and its a sign that someone is, someone is...!" And then she started crying into Lexington.
Lexington stroked Saratoga. "Listen. We've seen a lot of strange things, but I'll be fine, all right?" She then looked to commander. "Any orders?"
The commander, thought. "Well, it can't be Sirens- they are usually far more theatrical than this. I'll have Minneapolis track and capture this other Lexington so we can find out exactly what it is, but first I'll have her round up Akashi. I have a hunch about that. You should probably just take care of Saratoga for now."
Lexington nodded. "I'll stay in the dorms with her- that way there will be no confusion."
As she turned to leave, the commander thought of something. "Lexington, hold on a moment..." She paused and looked to him. "Let's assume for a moment that the thing that Sara saw was actually another you. This wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened, so would you know why?"
Lexington thought for a moment. "It was a very long time ago... There may have been other plans, but I wouldn't know myself. You'd have to ask someone who was around before me."
The commander took out his phone. "All right, that at least gives me an idea of who to ask."
After Lexington took Saratoga away to go home, the commander made a call. "Hey there, Oklahoma? I know this is sudden, but there's something I'd like to talk to you about, so would you like to go into town with me?"
And just like that, he was more or less on a date with Oklahoma. He only had one question to ask her, for one, and it seemed rude to pump her for info without letting her have a good time. And it was nice day outside, too, so it was good for taking Oklahoma, well, anywhere she wanted to go. One of the surprises was that West Virginia, Colorado, and Maryland were playing their local variant of Banned from Argo. One of the verses made the commander tempted to cover his face with his hat, but he then figured if you couldn't handle some bawdy humor at one's expense from the lower decks, you weren't fit for command in the navy. Besides, it was good that they'd found an off-duty pastime that agreed with them.
Even if he had an ulterior motive, spending time with Oklahoma was something that often justified itself. She was almost impossibly lively, and open about all of her feelings about everything. And when he first came there, she immediately and whole-heartedly accepted him as commander, even in those early days when he felt he didn't deserve the honor. She and her sister did a fair bit to establish his legitimacy, even though Nevada did have to bridal-carry him back to his room after his first combat mission because he was too stressed and sore to move- The aftertaste of holding it together while under fire.
That's really how he ended up sitting on a bench enjoying ice cream with Oklahoma. It felt faintly nostalgic for some reason, like this was something he had done during his first month on the job. She must've noticed him spacing out, as she leaned over and just licked off some ice cream that had gotten on his cheek. "Can't have commander looking messy~"
That brought him back to the present. "Ah, sorry about that. Didn't mean to ignore you or anything."
She smiled, which seemed to be just her natural state of being. "You say that, but I don't feel ignored by commander- you even got me and my big sis some really thorough upgrades, so I don't think I feel like you don't pay attention."
Yeah, he did do that, didn't he? "Well, about that thing I've been meaning to ask you about. It's something you and maybe a few other battleships would know about."
Oklahoma stopped for a moment. "Eh? Something that only I can help the commander with?" She blushed a bit. "I... Didn't think that something like that could exist, since our fleet is so much bigger now than when we started."
He nodded. "Well, even though it may not look like it, you've been around longer than many of the ships around here- there are only a few I can think of that are earlier than your vintage, and since I need to know something about the Eagle Union, that eliminates them, too."
She giggled. "Well, I don't feel old."
She certainly didn't. She wasn't like Mikasa or Gangut, who played up being the old soldiers. "It's actually about Lexington. The Lexington we know is a carrier, but I was wondering if there were ever any other plans for her when she was being originally built? I feel like I should know this, but I can't really keep an in depth knowledge of the complete history of all the navies of all the nations in my head."
Oklahoma went back to her ice cream- asking ships this sort of question was occasionally an exercise in delving into deep time, so he gave her the space she needed to reach back that far. She was an old ship, and had a lot of memories to sort through. Eventually she perked up, and gave him a big smile. "Mhmm! There was another plan. She wasn't a carrier to start with."
He nodded. "So, what was she supposed to be?"
Oklahoma's next answer was ready. "Mmmm! She was supposed to be our first battlecruiser, but for some reason they made her a carrier later. Why?"
She was so fully honest with everything that he couldn't lie to her. "Well, there's a spare Lexington walking around in a daze, so I was wondering if maybe she could be a different version of the same ship. If she is that other Lexington, I want to make sure she's okay. She showed up at this port, so I'm responsible for her."
Oklahoma giggled. "Mhm. Mhm!" She finished off her treat. "Mm. And this is why I love commander~"
These sort of words were common from Oklahoma- he had long since stopped being shocked by them. "Now, why is that?"
She put her hands on her knees, and looked straight at him with her intimidatingly bright smile. "Because no matter how big the fleet gets, or how many fancy, new ships come in, he still cares about all us older ships, too."
He had thought to call Minneapolis after he had gotten what he needed to know from Oklahoma, but that sort of thing could wait. Akashi was easy to catch, and he could probably stand to let the cat stew for a while considering all her past mischief. So he could probably spare a couple more hours with Oklahoma before going back to work.
The next day, he found out that Minneapolis had done more than necessary- she had not only brought in Akashi by the scruff of her coat, but also managed to catch Yuubari as well, considering how much the other girl was the cat's partner in her science crimes. Akashi was taking this with her usual calmness.
"This is ridiculous, I want to talk to commander now, nya!"
The commander entered the spare office room where Chapayev was keeping an eye on them. "All right, so what did the two of you do this time. Because every time some strange thing involving new ships walking around happens, it seems to come back you you two."
Yuubari remained quiet, and decided to let Akashi get all the string she needed to tangle herself. "But what makes you think it was us, really, nya?"
"Pattern recognition. I don't think I really should have to remind you of Little Bel, Zeppy, Hiei-chan, Little Illustrious, Little Renown..."
Yuubari sighed. "Look, Akashi, just make it easier on both of us."
"But... Nya..."
The commander sighed. "Look, we have a spare Lexington walking around, and I'm the one who signs off on all of your merchandising rights. So play ball with me or those go away, and I get everything from Yuubari."
The cat's eyes widened and her ears stood up straight. "I'll, I'll tell you anything!"
The commander nodded. "All right, so the both of you probably have some idea of why a spare Lexington is wandering around in a daze around here."
Akashi was still hesitant, but began. "Well... When we saw the other Kaga, we thought that there might be a way to bring up other versions of other ships that weren't made, nya."
Yuubari jumped in. "We were pretty sure that the other Kaga wasn't a fluke, and so we took a couple of cubes and did our best to dive in and experiment to see if we could add to the fleet in the same way. So we set things up like we did for other experiments and gave it a whirl, but..."
"...It blew up, nya."
The commander rubbed his temples. At least he didn't pay for equipment that those two built themselves. "So it exploded."
"Exactly! And something blowing up means it doesn't work, unless it's a bomb, nya."
The commander looked to Yuubari. "Is there a chance your experiment might have produced something just before it blew itself to pieces?"
She had to think on things, and then entered some numbers into her tablet. "...Possibly. But it would be a small window."
"A possibility is good enough. All right, the two of you are free to go- but Yuubari, I want to talk to you later- there's some cube research that I actually want you and Akashi to do for me."
After Chapayev reluctantly let them go, it was just then that the commander got a call on his phone. It was Minneapolis. "Hello, this is the commander."
"This is Minneapolis- I caught the other Lexington for you and I put her in your office. She didn't resist at all, and she seemed to snap out of her daze when I told her that the commander was looking for her."
"Thank you for your work."
The commander went back to his office to find the other Lexington sitting there quietly on his couch. She looked almost completely the same as the one he knew, but there were some small differences that Saratoga would've probably picked up on, such as how she accessorized, and that her headband had two funnels instead of just the one. He made a quick text to Lexington and Saratoga to come by before speaking to the Lexington that was in his office. "I'm sorry if Minneapolis was rough with you at all, but things can get tense around here. You are Lexington, correct?"
She smiled, and gave a playful flourish and a wink as she saluted the commander. "Yes. I am the Eagle Union battlecruiser Lexington, reporting for duty to a cute commander."
She really was Lexington, just... One that was never completed until now. "Well, it's good to have you here, and I'm sure we'll have an assignment for you."
She nodded, looking to him with those lovely eyes. "Mm! I'm afraid I don't have much to my name, but I'm looking forward to showing what I can do on the stage of the ocean~"
He didn't even know where to go from there, really. It wasn't quite like dealing with the other Kaga, as he didn't have someone like Amagi to help guide her down. He only hoped that Lexington and Saratoga would be able to settle things gently- otherwise there might be a mess on his hands. "All right, but there's someone who'll need to talk to you before we sort out your assignment. They should arrive shortly, and they'll help you get situated."
She giggled. "Ah, commander's friends? I'm sure we'll get along, then."
He took a deep breath. It didn't take long for Lexington and Saratoga to arrive, and then commander just simply gestured to battlecruiser Lexington. "We found her- she's definitely Lexington."
Battlecruiser Lexington seemed a bit put off. "Oh? There's someone else like me? But she's a carrier..."
Lexington gave a small bow. "Oh, my... this is going to be a lot to take in for you. You see... I am also Lexington."
The battlecruiser nodded. "Ah... Well, we re-use ship names all the time, so I guess it's not that big a surprise- still, they wouldn't use that name so close together."
Lexington paused- she was going to need to explain herself. "They didn't... You see, I'm you, but the you that was actually completed."
The battlecruiser clenched her hands. "But... That can't be right. I'm complete too, I'm right here... And You're a carrier... We can't be the same, we just can't!"
Lexington thought for a moment. "You weren't completed back then- it's only through strange events that you're here now."
The other Lexington began to tremble, and tears began to drop from her eyes. "So... I was the one that was thrown away, and you ware the one that lived... But we're both here now... Which one of us is real?"
"Both of you are!" Saratoga spoke in. "Whether you're carrier Lexington, or Battlecruiser Lexington, you're still both my big sis. And this just means I have two now, even if you're both Lexi."
The other Lexington still wasn't entirely consoled. "But if I was meant to be gotten rid of, what's the point of me being here?"
The carrier Lexington took the other Lexington's hands in her own. "You won't be gotten rid of this time." She nodded to the commander. "That commander over there wanted to find you, because he was worried about you. Also, you have a cute little sister who likes to play pranks- she's a handful sometimes, but she'll always be your sis. And I'll be your sister, too." She thought for a moment, and smiled. "And more than that, there are people you might remember who will also want to meet you."
The other Lexington blinked. "Others...?"
Lexington kept her smile. "Yes... Oklahoma, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Tennessee, and California- they're all here too, and I think they'd be happy to meet you, too."
"They're all...?" The other Lexington was stunned, and could do nothing, until... "Sis...!" She practically jumped off of the couch and threw her arms around the carrier Lexington, and buried her head in her twin's shoulders. The carrier was taken aback, but quickly recovered, putting her arms around her twin and slowly stroking her long, pink hair.
"It's all right now, sis." She kept a gentle grip on her quivering twin. "I'm going to take you to your new home now, and introduce you to everyone, all right?"
The other Lexington had no words for this moment, and simply nodded.
Not more than two days after, a rather pouty Saratoga handed the commander a flyer, with a very "Can you believe this?" look on her face, seemingly demanding the commander look at it and say something. On the front was a picture of Lexington and her other self standing back to back in open of Lexington's stage outfits.
"So they're planning to perform together sometime?"
Sara hmphed. "Can't believe big sis is taking advantage of having a twin like this."
The commander looked it over front and back. "It makes sense to me. Lexington probably has a lot of outfits, and they would all fit her twin just as well as they fit her. And I don't see why you're jealous, I thought you were all-in on being a magical girl these days."
"That's...!" She crossed her arms. "That's not the point. Why does she get a twin?"
The commander shrugged. "I don't think the world can handle two Saratogas yet."
And then he remembered- Saratoga was also originally a battlecruiser, so that was still a possibility.
Well, fiddlesticks.
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2020.10.21 17:28 removalbot 10-21 15:28 - 'Article text / --- / [quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quote][quot...' by /u/mildbeanburrito removed from /r/unitedkingdom within 0-6min

Article text
Bill Moss, a retired prison officer, felt isolated before Covid. As the only gay person in his block of sheltered flats in Salford, coronavirus has heightened his sense of loneliness. Single, without any close family and cut off from an active social life in Manchester’s gay village, he spends most of the day with only the TV for company.
Moss, 57, has been through a pandemic before. Aids robbed him of the love of his life, Henry, and at least 50 friends. So he appreciates how serious this one is, but he cannot get that message across to his fellow residents congregating unmasked at the entrance of the flats and wandering corridors and lifts unprotected. Their lack of understanding underlines his feeling of being alone.
“It’s as if they do not think Covid affects them, but nobody is above this,” says Moss. “I do feel isolated. I could just do with having LGBT+ neighbours to have a chat with. It would allow me to be myself. There are things you don’t have to explain and things you can talk about that are impossible with straight listeners.”
After years of having to hide his sexual identity at work, Moss says now as a “proud, gay man”, it would just be easier to live in his old age supported by LGBTQ+ people and services.
He is not alone. A report and housing survey by the Manchester-based LGBT Foundation, reveals that 74% of responders want a home for their old age aimed at them and delivered by a LGBT-specific provider, but 43% had no idea where they would get care and support in the future.
For Moss and some of the other older members of Manchester’s 7,000-plus LGBTQ+ community, it could soon be a reality, with the imminent construction of the UK’s first extra-care housing scheme for LGBTQ+ people.
Manchester city council has put out to tender a scheme to build an “LGBT-affirmative extra-care scheme” in Whalley Range, south Manchester. An 18-member LGBTQ+ steering group will help develop the scheme. Just over half (51%) of the 150 places are to be allocated to LGBTQ+ people aged over 55, who need extra physical or mental support.
With two-thirds of care home staff surveyed by Manchester and Nottingham universities in 2014 saying they did not have a gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans resident, the scheme could not come soon enough.
“We know this cannot be true”, says Bev Craig, Manchester city council’s member for adult health and wellbeing. “LGBT people have long been drawn to Manchester in the knowledge that the community here is strong and supported. However, we know that there is an issue with loneliness among older LGBT people in this city and a core reason for this is access to safe, affordable and secure housing.
“As the number of older people in the city continues to grow, having a real understanding of what the community needs and wants from their extra-care housing will be vital.”
Mindy Meleyal, 69, from Wythenshawe, is a lesbian and has lived with her partner for 30 years. She sees the LGBT housing scheme as a “game changer” in a care system reluctant to acknowledge sexuality of any kind in older age.
“I’ve always thought I would rather die than go into a care home, but as you get older you need to feel secure. If I knew that the manager was LGBT affirmative, I would feel very differently,” she says.
An earlier survey by the LGBT Foundation on the impact of Covid on members of its community, revealed that many were alone, or with families who did not accept their identity. Almost two-thirds (64%) lacked support from an LGBTQ+ specific organisation, 42% wanted mental health support and 8% felt unsafe.
Stuart, 55, a gay trans male, who came out less than three years ago and recently moved to the city, lives alone and has fibromyalgia, which limits his activity. He says: “Because I never made friends in Manchester and all the contacts I have are from the LGBT Foundation, I have been very, very isolated during Covid. I know I will need care in the future so a place targeted at LGBT+ people would mean I would not feel the need to hide what I am.”
Manchester blazed an international trail for gay rights with the building of Europe’s first gay centre in 1986 and a thriving gay village. It is also the UK’s first age-friendly city region. The extra-care scheme has been in discussion since 2014. Cuts of more than £500m to the local authority’s budget over the last decade, threats to the government funding model for extra-care schemes and now the pandemic means it may be another three years before its doors open.
Similar schemes exist in Germany, Sweden and Spain. Bob Green, an LGBT Foundation consultant for the project, visited three projects in the USto learn from their experiences. In Minneapolis, he found that the complex was taken over by “straight people”. He believes this was because of the inadequacy of the application and allocation system.
In Philadelphia, he was inspired by LGBTQ+ residents regarding the care facility as their first real “home”. The scheme he saw in Los Angeles was not exclusive to LGBTQ+ residents but welcomed other groups as the Manchester care home will too. “We do not want to cut ourselves off as a community,” Green says.
He is clear that any targeted care home needs to part of a wider package of measures to benefit Greater Manchester’s growing elderly LGBTQ+ population. For this reason, the LGBT Foundation is piloting the UK’s first accreditation scheme for housing providers in the city. They will receive training and support to be able to prove they are aware and considerate of LGBTQ+ residents’ needs.
Lawrie Roberts, the manager of the Pride in Practice scheme, says: “We are building on our accreditation for primary care, which started off in Greater Manchester before expanding nationwide. Adapting it to adult social care and housing has huge potential.
“It demonstrates to residents that these services are willing to do more to improve care for LGBT people and that staff have gained confidence and knowledge from undertaking the training we provide. We know from LGBT communities that they want something meaningful like this award to signify which are the trusted and most welcoming schemes locally for them.”
Craig believes the new Manchester care home will also help to drive up standards across the country. “Only 150 people get the chance to live in this scheme. But it should lead to an improvement in provision across the UK,” she says.
As for the Whalley Range local community, April Manderson thinks the care home will be welcome. “I’m all for it,” enthuses the 56-year-old, who is black. “I’d even be happy to live there myself in an environment that is multicultural, diverse and age-friendly.”
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2020.10.20 06:20 beefwellingtonIV Best Breweries for Take Out/Curbside

I'm new to Minneapolis. Just moved here from the Northeast. Excited I moved from one great beer scene to another.
I have no interest in sitting down inside a brewery to do a flight and share spit particles with other people until the pandemic is over, but I want to throw what business I safely can to local spots. What are the best breweries for curbside pick up or quick take out for growlers and cans where mask protocol is taken seriously? If they make good hazy ipas, barrel aged stouts, and/or super funky sours, all the better.
Edit: Just wanted to thank everyone for the recommendations. Keep 'em coming. You're all awesome and I'm happy my partner and I moved here.
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2020.10.19 05:35 eccentricgalaxy A message to those having trouble finding a likely school they really love.

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well! I was looking at a post created by u/ConfusedGuy555 who was explaining the importance of applying to likely universities you like! Due to this, I wanted to list some tips for anyone is having trouble finding likely universities that seem appealing. Here are some tips I recommend:
  1. Try checking out their course catalog! It's possible they offer a very eccentric course that you may enjoy taking. A surprising amount of universities offer courses in very popular books/film series, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, etc. Some offer some special topics in the humanities and social sciences such as The Literature of Modern Day Social Media, courses on memes, etc. Some may even offer courses on topics like the American Vacation (found at UIowa), Finding Dates Worth Keeping (University of Sioux Falls), or the Art of Walking (Kentucky's Centre College).
  2. On the topic of courses, I also recommend checking out their AP/IB/CLEP credit policy. Depending on the university, some may even give you credit for scores and exams you may not have expected, allowing you to graduate a year early or triple major if you are interested in doing so. This could open up new possibilities for you if you decide to attend.
  3. Check out what the professors in your intended fields are up to; some of the research/work they are doing may intrigue you!
  4. Try checking out the university's social life, such as the food, extracurricular activities, dorm life, etc. Many large schools have a huge advantage in terms of offering lots and lots of variety in extracurricular offerings since there are so many students, meaning that it is really likely that there are people who feel similarly as you about a certain topic. In addition, check out colleges to see if any allow you to create your own organization if they do not offer the kind of organization you are looking for!
  5. Try searching for likely schools in a city you enjoy. For example, if you really love the city of Minneapolis in Minnesota, you can look for universities in the area to see if they fit with your academic and extracurricular interests.
  6. If you are interested in taking a world language in university, I recommend checking out what world languages they offer. They may offer more of these than you may suspect.
  7. Check out their study abroad programs! As more time is passing, more and more universities are partnering with international universities to sponsor more study abroad programs, particularly in Europe, South America, and Asia. If you are interested in spending time in another country, I recommend checking out their study abroad websites because they may offer more programs than you may expect them to, with some even allowing you to study abroad for a whole academic year if you wish.
  8. If you are interested in athletics, check out their sport teams! This may get you more hyped up about school spirit.
  9. Try taking a virtual tour of the campus. Sometimes, you may end up falling in love with the campus, which helps you love the university even more!
I hope this helped. Good luck everyone, and I truly hope you all have lots of success with your applications!
Have a nice day!
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2020.10.19 04:27 denverprotestsdaily What's happening the week of Oct 19 - 25

Please see our new calendar for the most complete list of upcoming vetted events.
Events are color coded as follows:


To avoid repeating too much information from day to day, we've created the beginnings of a wiki here. Your feedback is much needed, as this is my (TaroPeril's) first experience with a reddit wiki. It contains links to livestreamers, your rights as a protestor, and more.



Notable Events

October 19

*6:30 PM - * Melanated Mic Night (Twitter post)
Organized by: Community organized.
Location: Fuller Park
Host-provided information: This will be the last time this year where we’ll be at Fuller Park for #melanatedmicnight. It’s going to be chilly, so bring some hot bevs, blankets, lawn chairs, and wear some warm clothes!
Type of Event: Arts/Education

October 22

6:00 PM National Day Against Police (Facebook event)
Organized by: Denver Communists, Anon Resistance Movement, and Aurora Copwatch
Location: Havana and Colfax
Host-provided information: Join Aurora Copwatch and the Denver Communists for a rally against the police!
When the first National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality was called 24 years ago, it would have been hard to imagine where we are today. A moment of immense possibility, but also immense danger.
We are also in the midst of the largest mass uprising against racist terror that this country has seen in decades, an uprising that has the potential to uproot the very foundations of white-supremacist oppression and racist police violence. The police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis set off an explosion of protest that touched every state in the nation and beyond.
The response, from the police, feds, and rightwing vigilantes, has been violent and ruthless. Racist whites, armed with guns, cars, bear spray, and bats have attacked Black Lives Matter protesters across the country. Many of these acts of terror have been incited and condoned by both Trump and the Democratic governors and mayors he criticizes for not being brutal enough.
Locally, kops keep killing. And they’ve unleased a wave of state repression in an attempt to curtail the movement against them. We will not be intimidated! We must not!
In the face of all this, the call to protest on October 22nd has never been more urgent. We must go beyond opposing police brutality to oppose the police themselves, since brutality is their very essence. The problem of the police cannot be reduced to a few bad apples, nor the individual racism, misogyny, and penchant for violence that is rampant in their ranks. All cops are bastards because they all play the same immutable role in capitalist society: to enforce class rule and the white-supremacist social order.
Type of Event: Protest
### October 24
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Trans Visibility March – COS 2020 (Facebook event)
Organized by: Community-organized
Location: Acacia Park (115 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs)
Host-provided information: Join us in support of equal rights and inclusion for our Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Community in Colorado Springs. The entire LGBTQ+ community, allies, and family members are welcome. Let's show Colorado Springs support our Trans and Non-Conforming Family. Social distancing rules will apply, bring a mask!
Type of Event: Rally/March

October 25

1:30 PM - 6:00 PM Parasol Patrol Supports A Night of Visibility (Facebook event)
Organized by: Parasol Patrol
Location: Cheeseman Park Pavilion
Host-provided information: Parasol Patrol is honored to be supporting the "Night of Visibility" at the Cheesman Park Pavilion, 1900 E 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80206.
From the event coordinators: "Coming Out Needs to be Celebrated! The Trans Rights Coalition of Denver is celebrating all of the amazing people who are coming out during this exciting time! We will have performers and will partner with different community organizations to provide information and educate. Come join us and celebrate!"
We need volunteers to help at our info booth as well if that's more your speed. Please come and stand between potential protesters and participants. This is a non-violent event. We strongly encourage COVID-19 precautions such as masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing when possible.
So grab your umbrellas, Patrollers! And if you happen to have extra ice, snacks, first aid supplies, etc to donate. Please dress appropriately for the weather. Understandably, emotions run high here. Remember that we don't engage with protesters even when we feel strongly to do so. Tighten your laces and hoist your umbrellas. We'll see you there.


Type of Event: Mutual Aid
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2020.10.17 17:26 roguescott Race report: my first half marathon!

(x-posted to xxrunning)
Total time: 2:24:55 (beat my overall race goal by 6 minutes!)
Avg pace: 11:03/mi, and finished the last mile in 10:36 though I'm not sure how!
A little context and history on my running: I started running about 2 years ago, maybe 2 days a week because I was big into cycling and would bike commute to work 3-4 days a week (about 20 miles a day). This spring I started running again and had a piriformis injury that was really painful, spasms and everything, so I took about 6 weeks to heal up. A friend of mine who is big into running got me on a training plan in early May, so I started running 3 days a week and moved to 4 days a week by the end of June. Last year the only race I did was a 5k where I stopped and walked many times. I've come so far thanks to my friend and also Hal Higdon's 10k and Half Marathon training plans!
The weather yesterday here in Minneapolis was AWFUL. It snowed in the morning, then sleet mixed with occasional rain and a whole lot of wind. I went with shorts but I think I really could have worn tights it would be have been fine. The first two miles I couldn't feel my lips or my butt, haha. The wind when I crossed over water (Lake Minnetonka) was SO INTENSE. It sucked a lot of my energy the first 8 miles. Additionally, I brought blocs and they were SO hard to chew because my jaw was basically frozen :) For the first time I see the benefit of a GU pack.
I was a little worried about pain in my big toe joint, but I've been doing a lot of good "toe yoga" stretching and I think that helped enormously, as I was 98% pain free!
By the time I hit 10 miles I kind of hit a wall from all the wind, but of course told myself to keep going. Music really helps me get through these runs. Once I (slowly) chewed one last bloc with my frozen jaw it was like Popeye having spinach and my speed kicked up. I barely remember the last 3 miles. The furthest I had run until yesterday was 11 miles. My partner was waiting at the finish line with their phone making cowbell sounds and holding a medal :) I was so proud of myself! And also exhausted, but it was so worth it.
Today, I'm feeling a little sluggish but mostly fine because I think I did the right recovery things yesterday:
-Ran an ice cold bath for about 10 minutes (my butt was warmer than the water!)
-A hot shower after that, where I basically turned my bathroom into a sauna
-My stomach was a little off after the race so I took a magical Gingin and that settled it right down. If you haven't had these, they are natural ginger candies and they work so well for an upset stomach.
-Walked my dog (only about a mile, she's a pug and can't take much anyway) within about an hour of being done
-Drank tons of water, a little gatorade, and had about 1.5 glasses of wine with a very big Indian takeout dinner from my favorite Indian place.
-Foam rollered twice and stretched plenty
I was probably in bed by about 9:30. It was a great day and I feel super accomplished! I'll probably go for a light jog Monday and do 3 days of verrrrry light running next week? I don't really know how to ease back in, but I've read every other day for the next 2 weeks is a good idea. I'll be cycling a little, too.
Next up is Hal Higdon's Winter training plan. I love running in the winter and look forward to it, even though it's a lot more work getting ready. I'm not sure if I want to run a marathon yet, I might want to start getting into trail running instead because I really enjoy how meditative it can be just to be out in nature. Either way, I am so grateful for my body and that it allows me to do these things. Running has honestly brought me to such a happier place. The hardest bike race I ever did was 63 miles of hilly gravel and I've gotta say that I actually enjoyed this more at the end. I still love cycling, but this takes me to a different place.
Thanks for reading and thanks again for all your support here and input as I've been leading up to this.
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2020.10.17 17:01 roguescott Race report: First half marathon on the books!

Race report: First half marathon on the books!
Total time: 2:24:55 (beat my overall race goal by 6 minutes!)
Avg pace: 11:03/mi, and finished the last mile in 10:36 though I'm not sure how!
First off, thanks everyone for providing input on what I should wear a few days ago for this thing. The weather yesterday here in Minneapolis was AWFUL. It snowed in the morning, then sleet mixed with occasional rain and a whole lot of wind.
A little context and history on my running: I started running about 2 years ago, maybe 2 days a week because I was big into cycling and would bike commute to work 3-4 days a week (about 20 miles a day). This spring I started running again and had a periformis injury that was really painful, spasms and everything, so I took about 6 weeks to heal up. A friend of mine who is big into running got me on a training plan in early May, so I started running 3 days a week and moved to 4 days a week by the end of June. Last year the only race I did was a 5k where I stopped and walked many times. I've come so far thanks to my friend and also Hal Higdon's 10k and Half Marathon training plans!
I went with shorts but I think I really could have worn tights it would be have been fine. The first two miles I couldn't feel my lips or my butt, haha. The wind when I crossed over water (Lake Minnetonka) was SO INTENSE. It sucked a lot of my energy the first 8 miles. Additionally, I brought blocs and they were SO hard to chew because my jaw was basically frozen :) For the first time I see the benefit of a GU pack.
I was a little worried about pain in my big toe joint, but I've been doing a lot of good "toe yoga" stretching and I think that helped enormously, as I was 98% pain free!
By the time I hit 10 miles I kind of hit a wall from all the wind, but of course told myself to keep going. Music really helps me get through these runs. Once I (slowly) chewed one last bloc with my frozen jaw it was like Popeye having spinach and my speed kicked up. I barely remember the last 3 miles. My partner was waiting at the finish line with their phone making cowbell sounds and holding a medal :) I was so proud of myself! And also exhausted, haha.
Today, I'm feeling a little sluggish but mostly fine because I think I did the right recovery things yesterday:
-Ran an ice cold bath for about 10 minutes (my butt was warmer than the water!)
-A hot shower after that, where I basically turned my bathroom into a sauna
-My stomach was a little off after the race so I took a magical Gingin and that settled it right down. If you haven't had these, they are natural ginger candies and they work so well for an upset stomach.
-Walked my dog (only about a mile) within about an hour of being done
-Drank tons of water, a little gatorade, and had about 1.5 glasses of wine with a very big Indian takeout dinner from my favorite Indian place.
-Foam rollered twice and stretched plenty
I was probably in bed by about 9:30. It was a great day and I feel super accomplished! I'll probably go for a light jog Monday and do 3 days of verrrrry light running next week, and then start easing back into it with some strength training and other cardio, like my bike trainer.
Next up is Hal Higdon's Winter training plan. I love running in the winter and look forward to it, even though it's a lot more work getting ready. I'm not sure if I want to run a marathon yet, I might want to start getting into trail running instead because I really enjoy how meditative it can be just to be out in nature. Either way, I am so grateful for my body and that it allows me to do these things!
Thanks for reading and thanks again for all your support!!

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2020.10.16 06:15 yung_chicken Seeking 1- or 2-BR pet-friendly rentals!

Hi friends! My partner, our 50-pound mutt and I are looking for a new place to stay in the Cities. Looking to spend less than $1,500 altogether for rent, utilities, parking, pet rent, etc. We love St. Paul (Cathedral Hill, Snelling, Macalester, Highland preferred) and are open to Minneapolis (Lowry Hill, Powderhorn preferred). Ideally, our new home would have a nice kitchen, W/D in unit + outdoor space but we know that’s a lot to ask for, so just a few of these would be just fine for us.
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2020.10.15 00:17 microbiologygrad Moving to St. Paul over the holidays

I originally posted over in the Minneapolis sub under the mistaken impression that this sub was dead (looking now I don't know why I thought that). That post got removed before I was able to respond to all the great advice, so I'm editing and reposting.
I'm currently finishing up my PhD in Madison, Wi and will be starting a new position in St. Paul at the MN Department of Health at the start of the new year. So moving will be quite an interesting experience. My partner and I have a dog (and a cat) so we are leaning towards looking for a duplex with a scrap of a yard. However, having a yard isn't a dealbreaker as long as there's greenspace nearby and we're open to apartments. We also currently only have one car and I'm hoping to avoid the hassle of parking a second car downtown and at home for the time being. So I was planning on commuting downtown using public transit (either bus or the green line), and perhaps biking when the weather is nice. Are those viable options that a lot of people make use of? In terms of budget we're currently looking for something ~$1500 although we can go substantially higher if we love a place since we'll probably be spending a lot of time there until the medium-future. I'm starting to look for places to live in earnest and I was hoping to get some recommendations on neighborhoods I should focus on and any that I should stay clear of. Typically how far in advance are most apartments in the twin cities listed ahead of when they will be available? The rental situation in Madison is absolutely nuts. Like landlords asking you to renew your lease right around now for next August. So we're starting to tear our hair out with not having anything organised for 2.5 months ahead. Compared to Wisconsin I assume the winters are mostly the same, just a little longer and a little colder? While I'm not originally from WI (or the US), is there a MN/WI rivalry thing that goes on that I need to know about? Thanks so much for all your help!
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2020.10.14 23:30 Snowman_269 Thrilled my Nexdock Touch arrived!

I've been waiting for years, since literally when I bought my 1st Android G1 through T mobile in Minneapolis back in 2008. My business partner and I were thrilled then and thought how long before we could ditch laptops. After 12 years, I'm using a S9+ as 6 gigs of Ram was the minimum I wanted to operating with. I think it took longer than it should have but finally a Nexdock with a touchscreen, yay! It feels hefty & I like it, as I want to to be robust. I'd ask for stronger speakers in future builds as I'll be looking for a soundbar? to connect and give it a boost. This Nexdock looks, feels and exudes quality. I'm happy with the price as well. I want to be supportive as making a new product, R&D manufacturing is such a challenge. And I am very happy with this 1st Touchscreen build. I'm going to want a quality USB Dongle to give more USB 3.0 ports and suggestions for a wireless mouse too. What's everybody using or planning to buy? Thanks & Cheers!
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2020.10.13 20:12 Three_of_Butts Yard Waste/Dirt

Question for folks living in Minneapolis: my partner recently bought a house with a yard that’s been terribly neglected. We just finished tearing out some raised beds that were basically just construction waste with rocks on top. So, we have a (probably literal) ton of useless dirt/debris that won’t get taken away in yard waste bags. Anyone know how to properly dispose of this much rubble before winter?
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2020.10.13 17:15 FuzzyOneAdmin Alpega Partners with FourKites to Deliver Supply Chain Visibility in North America, Europe and Latin America

VIENNA & MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alpega, a global provider of cloud-based transportation management systems (TMS), today announced it has partnered with FourKites, a global leader in real-time and predictive supply chain visibility for shippers, carriers and logistics service providers, as part of its strategic value-adding partner ecosystem. The partnership delivers integrated real-time, in-transit freight tracking across all […]
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2020.10.12 23:17 godzillavkk Is there a moral event horizon?

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie
My name is Jennifer, I’ve been homeless since my 16th birthday. You probably would feel pity for me. But I’m what society calls an “asshole victim.” Someone who deserves all the karma she gets.
Why would anyone care about me? Why do we always find ways to make exceptions to the greatest parts of humanity? Why do we focus our darkness on those who “deserve it”? Well, here is my story of how I came to see that’s all BS.
It began when I allowed my first boyfriend to get inside my mind, and mess with it to the point where I became his slave. His name was Jack, and he was a false dreamboat. Short blonde hair, brown eyes, finish skin, and a smile to make any girl go feel like they were under ether. We meet in chemistry class, and became lab partners. We soon hit it off, and did everything. Movies, dinners, etc. But one day, after a movie at my place, my life ended. As I got back from the kitchen with some more chips for another movie, he lay on the couch with his shirt off, revealing a growing beefcake that was nearly cooked, but still a bit raw. “Ready?” He asked in a voice that sounded like he was trying to sound like the Old Spice spokesman. Ironically, I could even smell Old Spice on him.
I could feel my bones rattling, and in a voice that made me sound like a hybrid of a timid lamb, and a shrinking violet, I stammered “For… for what?”… even though I knew his answer. “For sex! What else would I ask for, bitch?” Did I look like a dog? I was of fair skin, with long blonde hair, and even though I hardly saw them, had eyes of hazel. “What did you just call me?” I asked with a more authoritative voice that made me sound like a female hitler. “A bitch. That’s what. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, and I know this is the right time.” My face tightened, and I felt I would crush it under my anger. “This is NOT the right time, nor will it ever be! Get out!” “Suit yourself. If a solitary life is what you desire, so be it.” As he put his shirt on, my own innocence betrayed me. Solitude, loneliness, the feeling of not being appreciated. I could see myself, an old wrinkled woman, dying alone on a cold winters night, in a dark, colorless, ice cold room, with no friends or family. My face thawed, and I tasted his sour words in my mouth.
“Yes?” He replied.
A month later, my appetite began to change. I found myself devouring the sticky and sour tastes of pickles, and sardines, along with vanilla ice cream to douse the flavor with rich creamy sweetness. My vagina became a piss waterfall that poured without any warning. And my stomach began to fight wars in my body, forcing me to vomit out the war’s casualties.
Hoping against hope that I was just sick, I bought a pregnancy test, and the resulting +, soaked my pants, and let out a stink bomb that would make burning rubber and gasoline seem like a meadow. Then came the swing and slam of doom from the door.
“What the hell are you doing, Jennifer!?” Yelled my balding, mustached father. I froze, without the temperature dropping to sub-zero, and dropped my test. He picked it up, and he became redder then a volcano. Soon, mother knew as well, and also erupted.
“Get out! And never come back!”
Those words from mom and dad felt louder than a bullhorn, and before I knew it, there I was, alone and outside on a bright September day with the afternoon sun smiling melancholically at me, for it would be doing this to me ALL the time. As I waited at the bus stop, the world died around me. Leaves the color of piss, swirled around me, reflecting my recent life events, and the end of my life. Mere months later, under the pain of a thousand erections, I pushed my punishment for my naiveness out of my body. I spent the next five month’s living on the streets of Minneapolis, stealing and living on the least foul and stinky dumpster wastes my mouth could handle, and giving my son much better materials from my chest.
But one day, in January, I created an angel and sold my soul to Satan. It was at Loring Park in the evening, where I followed the scent of rotten hotdogs to a trashcan. The taste of rotten meat, dirt, and fly saliva transformed my mouth into a cave of slime and ooze. Then, as I stared at the pond, holding my mistake, a dark whisper came upon me. “He took everything. You must get rid of him. He must die.” And upon hearing those words, my life flashed before my eyes. All the proper tastes of cooked pizza, Caesar salads, and apple juice at my family’s dinner table. Me practically living at the mall with my girls, and feeling the warm, soft, absorbent silk on all the finest shirts. All of them were memories, all because of one new human. I tightened my fists, allowing my rage to fan into a hate filled bonfire that burned me into a crisp. But what can you do to ease a burn? Cold water always works, and that’s what I did. Without a second’s hesitation, and consumed by rage, I dropped my sleeping son into the park pond.
I ran away from the pond without looking back and sought shelter in a germ filled latrine, and the smell of the shit that is humanity was all around me. But I was filled with triumph. Freedom! Freedom from my mistakes. I could go back to my normal life, but all that ecstasy, combined with the late night and the teeth of the cold made me drowsy, and I drifted to sleep. As I slept in the latrine, the nightmare struck. In a black, lifeless, barren field, filled with ash polluted air. Before me, stood a black cloaked, hooded angel, carrying a black scythe adorned with skulls with flaming eyes more frightening than the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, and a gaze that felt like a thousand syringes. “You have betrayed God’s greatest gift. May you be cursed with misfortune in this life and the next… for your sin.” With that, he removed his hood… and I saw my son. I woke up screaming, and full of guilt and shame.
My heart beat so fast, my chest hurt. What had I done? The Basilica of St. Mary was not far, and visible. But I feared going to a confession booth to ask forgiveness. How could anyone forgive me? If I turned myself in, the police would lock me up for the rest of my life. Unless you hated children, you’d turn your back on me, and strip me of my humanity. What else could I do? I accepted my fate, and my status. I could not be forgiven. I would walk beyond the moral event horizon, as a vile shadow, be spoken of in ghost stories. Whispers of me would fill people with a chill to make them fear I was watching them. That is of course, IF I told anyone, or someone found out.
One week later, I learned that my curse harmed more than just me, as a huge blizzard struck. Schools and businesses told their students and employees to go home. But for those who had no homes, tough shit. I sought the best shelter any homeless person could find, under a highway bridge with other homeless people. As we huddled together on the top of the concrete hills that made up the two ends of the bridge, to preserve what little warmth we had, I noticed a little girl, seemingly no older than seven with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a beige coat, with beige mittens, also trying to stay warm. She looked as if she had no parents. But she appeared to be close to pneumonia, as she was coughing heavily, and had a skin of pale white, one could almost mistake her for a piece of snow art. She approached me, and placed a her mittened hand on my own. “Are you angry?” Who does she think she is? Evangeline from Uncle Tom’s Cabin?
Nonetheless, little did I know, that not all of my humanity had left me. “I’m frustrated. And unless the past can be changed, it’s too late for anything.” I said in a voice of confidence, and Athenian pride. Her eyes widened at the pitch and tone of my voice, and I could see that she was not used to girls of my caliber. Someone who was your high school cliche girl who loved the mall, fashion, high heel shoes, and all that crap.
But then, a concrete earthquake formed above us, a rock fell from the ceiling, then another. We all began to run. And then, with a loud crashing sound, the bridge collapsed. Everyone got out… except for me and the girl. We were alive, but boxed between walls of stone cold rubble, leaving only only a space as wide as a large cubic cardboard box. What parts of the bridge that did not break, formed the roof over our heads. It was hopeless, I dared not to try and remove the stones myself, one misplaced stone could cause an avalanche. It was then, the frightened sounds of crying arrived. And it seemed as if those of my son filled the air too. The girl rushed towards me, clinging to me for safety, to ease her fright. My cold heart sank, and I felt frozen tears on my face. It was my fault this all happened, all because I chose my own desires over the duties of a mother. While I had no doubt rescue workers would show up, no child could last long in a place like this, as minute by minute, the air grew dryer, and colder. I dropped to my knees and tried to calm her down. “It’s ok, it’s ok. I’m here.” She seemed to settle down. “What’s going to happen to us? Are we going to die” Her question struck me like a thunderbolt. How could I say anything? How could I say it was all my fault. That all this was brought upon me because of my choice that night, that I deserve to suffer. She would hate me, as much as I began to hate myself. “I… I don’t know.”
For ten minutes, we huddled, and I knew that no help would come in time. As I stared at the rubble, my despair overwhelmed me, and knew that if anyone deserved to die, it should be me. I should freeze in Lake Cocytus in the 9th circle of hell, and have a face frozen in fear, and be gloried over my Satan himself, all for listening to words of milk and honey that are more than mind control. Suddenly, she started to feel limp on me, and when I turned, her face struggled to stay awake. “No! Don’t go to sleep!” But it was to no avail, she fell asleep, and I knew she would not wake up. My heart cracked, and shattered. I then went to my knees and tried the only thing I could do.
Crossing myself, and looking at the ceiling, I let it all out. “Dear Lord, oh please Lord! Take me! Take me, I’m worth nothing! Send me to hell where I belong to be tortured! In deserve it for how I treated my son! Just let her live, she’s worth more than me, I cannot be forgiven, and you know that! I KILLED MY SON! Dear Father, please! Please! I cannot be forgiven, I cannot be forgiven. Please God, take me instead.” I couldn’t hold it in anymore, and felt the tears run from my eyes, even as I shut them in a vain effort to control my stress. But I couldn’t, and soon, I sobbed, for I knew she had died, and it was all my fault. The innocent die, and the guilty live. What a cruel world.
But then, I felt warmth and movement in the child. She looked up and her skin was no longer frosty, but natural with a warm undertone. She smiled a type of smile I don’t think could ever be found in a humans face. “You passed the test, Jennifer.” My heart seemed to start healing, and grew warm. “But… but why? How?” “Because you have shown that you value another’s life, apart from your own, someone whom you didn’t really know, and shown true remorse for your sin, and for this, you are forgiven.” “But why would you think I was worth a test? Why did you even consider one?” Her smile continued. “I didn’t plan this… your son did.”
Then, the air filled with moist, and I became warm again. A terrible machine noise filled the air, and drills broke through the rubble, accompanied by rescue workers. “Are you OK?” For the first time in forever, my heart thawed, and I knew that no one is beyond redemption. As I got up, I suddenly held air in my arms… the girl was gone. But I don’t think she even was a girl… or human. Maybe she was an angel, maybe I was losing my mind, but I don’t care. With the help of the rescue workers, I found a homeless shelter, and through them, found a group home, went back to school, and could live again. But every now and then, I can’t see, hear, touch, taste, or even smell it, but I can never help but shake the feeling that my son smiles on me, and I swear to make it up to him. What that will be however, is a story for another day.
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